CORRUPTION TORI Season 2 EPISODE 3 – Yar’Adua Foundation join hand for war against Corruption

by | Jul 18, 2021 | Corruption News, PIDGIN | 0 comments

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The Musa YarAdua Foundation don carry their war clothe join this fight against Corruption. The centre don even yarn say if the we Government no gree make Nigerians fit to yarn freely against Corruption, make dem fit challenge am when dey see where Corruption dey happen, then dis war against Corruption go get as e be and we fit no win.
For d one day event wey dem hold Abuja, e never too tay, the YarAdua Foundation carry Civil Societies join body with the media news people to chuk eye on top how the chuking mouth of government wey no let people fit talk freely dey affect did war against Corruption.

The Director for the public initiatives of the Musa YarAdua Foundation Amara Nwankpa yarn say plenty contri people dey fear to stand, ask wetin government dey do hoohaa, sake of to yarn up like dat fit to cause wahala for dem wey dem fit abuse dia right, something fit happen with police wey go lead to death sef, or other security agencies for come brush dem enter hospital, dem fit even arrest dem as activist or journalist sef.

Nwankpa yarn say make everybody join hand, make civil society sabi the one thing wey dem suppose do. E say to fight did corruption well well, all dis security agencies and anti graft agencies wey no be government get dem, go gats check everywhere plus including all the agencies and parastatals, nobody dey sacred wey dem no go fit touch.


The Executive Sece of the National Human Rights Commission Ojukwu yarn put say to dey stop citizens make dem no talk wetin dey mind or ask question or expose any kain magomago for we system no go let we society dey healthy at all.
E come kuku yarn government make dem no dey vex when dem open secret expose corrupt people say na d work of contri to even expose all dis corruption sef when dey see am.
Ojukwu yarn say anytime wey contri people dey follow ask make government dey accountable to dem, e mean say dem dey even help the security agencies and the contri go better fast fast.

Country Director for Action Aid Ene Obi chuk mouth say both the executive and judiciary part of we government dey inside dis Corruption Mata, na why e dey hard more more to fight did corruption of a thing.

Ene Obi weak for dis matter of say d freedom of contri people to fit express wetin dem see or wetin dey mind, dis freedom to ask government question on citizen matter and corruption don dey reduce more more everyday. She say Nigerians no fit even protest for street or face the government on top corruption issues and other contri palaver make dem no collect bullet for body or chop correct beating with teargas on top or even sleep like some days for station.


The Musa YarAdua Foundation dey join body with other agencies and organizations wey no be government get them to fight corruption and ask for accountability from government hand. The foundation dey get support from the MacArthur Foundation to help the government of Nigeria for this fight against Corruption.

Dem dey talk say if people wan fight to quench fire for ship make d ship no sink, all hands must touch deck to work put. YarAdua Foundation and MacArthur Foundation don dey charter more hands to put for this deck of to fight against Corruption, because corruption na big fire wey wan sink dis ship of Nigeria. As we dey thank them, we still dey hope say fast fast, Nigeria go win dis fight.


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