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Winston Chuks Obikwelu na contri person from Anambra state, and na esquire lawyer be im job. Winston get wife Emmanuella Odinaka Obikwelu wey be Amadi before she marry. Dem join born four children two boys two girls. Emmanuella na staff of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
E get one time for 2012 wey dia marriage jam rock, wey dem dey get problem wey no gree collect settlement. Emmanuella papa Oga Gordian Amadi wey im eye don go blind before, come chuk mouth for the matter, side with im daughter say no be she get fault.
Some people go hear that one now come talk say before nko? Who im go side again? Beht na for here the egusi soup kuku spoil begin hiss. The man and im daughter carry biro write petition complaint give the Department of State Service DSS for short, the Presidency, the Head of service, the Minister of Information and the National Video Censors Board for where Winston bin dey work dat time, say this young lawyer wey just get work for Presidency, say im na Bolo Haram Informant, and e dey use the Presidency letter head paper take do mago mago employment letter give people, say im dey live life wey pass im salary.
Police carry matter go do investigate, come see say evidence no dey and e get as all dis accusations no gel with theirsef. Police and Lawyer Winston come drag im wife and her papa go Magistrate court for Wuse Zone 6 with charges of lie lie informate, criminal join body and serious lie on top another person head wey dem dey call defamation.
While this case still balance for court, Winston Obikwelu come get one coded informate say im wife dey do mago mago to make sure say dem post her commot for Nigeria for her job. He shapaly carry im own biro write letter give Ministry of Foreign Affairs say their staff get criminal case for head. Dem ignore im letter for ministry.

Tori come wowo well well when Winston wife, Emmanuella show with another man say na her husband be dat. This new man Emmanuel Iladion from Edo state wey dey sell engine oil for roadside come appear say im name na Winston Chuks Obikwelu, come carry the state and local government area from where the original Winston from come say naim be d man.

Tori still tie old wrapper wear sunshade on top wowo face when the fake Winston wey im real name na Emmanuel Iladion and the Emmanuella herself come show face say na dem be the parent of the four children wey Emmanuella born for the original Winston for inside dia marriage. Dem go Nigeria Immigration Service for Abuja, swear affidavit come sef, the immigration service come issue passport for the entire family with this fake husband.
As dem collect passport, Emmanuella carry the four pikins travel go Caracas for Venezuela as staff of the Nigerian mission to that country under her job.
This Tori carry handbag and food flask when issue come say the original Winston get information say one of im pikins don die. But im wife travel commot with four children, beht instead of the two boys, two girls wey dem bin born she carry three girls, one boy travel. E happen say the fourth pikin na actually the pikin of the roadside engine oil seller wey come act as fake Winston, come do passport with Emmanuella, come still travel go with them to the Caracas.
Issue now be say why Ministry of Foreign Affairs no chuk mouth, do investigate d petition of say one person tif the identity of the husband of one of their staff to even come travel commot with the family of the person wey get the real identity?


If matter dey court and the Ministry no want comment put, oya what of Immigration service wey carry passport give fake husband with another person name and identity?

For May 2020, Emmanuella Obikwelu go join Baba God for yonder leave Oga fake husband and the children for that same Venezuela wey dem dey. The 3 pikins wey she born for the real Mr Winston, dem return dem back to Nigeria. Matter of who go get custody of the children dey for court now. Meanwhile, with the death of Emmanuella, Emmanuel Iladion Aka fake Mr Winston return come Nigeria land enter police hand wey dey wait for am for  airport sake of the identity theifing wey e do plus including charges of human trafficking and other mago magorish tins.

Una see dis kain Tori wey dress up go party? How did fake Winston take get affidavit wey fit change im name, state of origin and even local government? Which kind affidavit be dat? We come hear say im tell dem for court say na fire burn all im document. Wey police report wey support dis talk, even if e dey possible make person lose everything wey get im name for accident?
Dis affidavit matter don be like say e dey make Corruption smooth well well o. Mean say person fit go swear say naim get this building now beht fire don burn the papers abi? How dem dey even collect dis affidavit for Nigeria sef?
Wahala be like fake husband and Nigerian affidavit.
Next week we go show Una how dem dey buy husband, how you fit even die sef while you dey alive through this anyhow affidavit matter. No miss am.



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