CorruptionTori Webinar: Consequence of bad leadership is Nonpartisan – Dr Osatohanmwen

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Ahead of the 2023 general elections, public affairs analyst, Patrick Osatohonmwen, has encouraged the youth to actively participate in politics to bridge the generation gap that exists in political positions.

Osatohonmwen stated this on Tuesday as keynote speaker in the third edition of the Corruption Tori Follow Us Fight Corruption series webinar on “Minimizing corruption in the 2023 Election: The role of the youth”.

According to him, everybody bears the brunt of bad leadership irrespective of ethnicity or religion, while stating that the consequence of nonpartisan by the youth is bad governance.


The keynote speaker lamented how the youth did not maintain their stand in politics, which pave the way for the older generation to still be in power and create a generation gap that cannot address the need of the younger population.

Also, another speaker, Hadiza Mshelia said the youths are human resources that are being used by politicians to achieve their aim. Hadiza said that Nigeria’s politics is complex and difficult for the young who aspire to be elected into office due to lack of financial capability.

Also, some other participants at the webinar made their contributions, on how youth inclusiveness in politics is important, especially with the forthcoming 2023.


Public affairs analysts, Politicians, Journalists, active youths and NGOs, participated in the webinar.

CorruptionTori is a program that educates ordinary Nigerians on the consequences of corruption and ways to fight it. It is supported by MacArthur Foundation and produced by Signature TV.

The fourth edition of follow us fight corruption webinar series comes up in August 2022.


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