Nigerian police officers abduct music producer, force him to wire N1.2m to them

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Some police officers on Wednesday allegedly abducted a Nigerian music producer in Lagos and forced him to wire N1.2 million to them.

The victim, Emmanuel Chibuze, was said to be in Uber when the officers flagged down their car at Alakpere, Lagos.

The leader of a human rights group, the Society Against Brutality, Harrison Gwamnishu, who published the incident on Facebook, said Mr Chibuze was whisked away by the armed officers, and was forced to transfer N1.2 million to a POS agent who apparently was conniving with the officers.


Mr Chibuze was not taken to any police station, no statement was taken from him, and he was not accused of any crime by the police, Mr Gwamnishu said in the Facebook post.

“He was threatened with (an) AK-47 rifle and out of fear, (he) transferred (the money) as they instructed,” he added.

“We have been able to gather evidence of the transaction and the details of the POS agent and (are) ready to use all available legal means to arrest, prosecute and get back this stolen money from these men.


“Dear Inspector General of Police, this must not be allowed to continue. Please investigate thoroughly and ensure these rogues are apprehended,” said Mr Gwamnishu who also leads another rights group, Behind Bars Human Rights Foundation.

Mr Gwamnishu uploaded on Facebook the transaction receipt as evidence against the officers.

Meanwhile, the police spokesperson in Lagos State, Benjamin Hundeyin, said on Wednesday night, that the police are on the case.

Mr Hundeyin, a superintendent of police, said the officers alleged to have been involved in the extortion have been identified.

He also said the victim had been invited to the police station.

“I have been in touch with them, this thing will be resolved tonight. The officers have been identified. They will face the law, I can assure you of that,” he said.

The police in Lagos recently arrested an officer who was captured in a video harassing a motorist over tinted glasses permit that had long been suspended by the police authorities.


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